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HISWA Pre-Purchase Survey or Condition Survey

Pre-purchase survey:
In what condition is a ship when you buy it? Could it be damaged by osmosis in the hull? Could the engine be defect? Could it cost you a lot more than you thought? That is why it is wise with transactions concerning ships or yachts to cover yourself. An HISWA pre-purchase survey gives you a clear picture of the technical condition of the yacht or other vessel that you propose to buy.

Condition survey:
Most insurance companies require a condition survey report of the ship that will be insured.
We are specialist in these types of survey. Duursma & Versluijs are locally and internationally recognized independent company based in The Netherlands, specializing in the field of yacht surveying.

Film Pre-Purchase Survey:

The HISWA Pre-Purchase survey lays all the found conclusions out in a clear report.

Duursma & Versluijs have been HISWA Qualified Yacht surveyors for the past ten years. They have participated in the setting-up and development of the HISWA survey report. This HISWA survey report covers the following:


HISWA pre-purchase surveys are being carried out under HISWA General Terms and Conditions for Surveys.

Our valualtion reports:

Our area of work mainly covers the whole of Europe yet we also work world-wide.


We agree a price beforehand in that way you are not confronted with hidden costs. Please contact us for an estimate or fill the following form in.