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Steel riveted ships

Steel riveted hulls are First visually inspected inside and out then they are hammer tested. The hull is the then measured with ultra-sound equipment to measure the exact thickness of the steel. All fittings on the hull above and below the waterline are examined for corrosion and wear and tear. Rudder, steering gear and propulsion unit are also inspected.

Ultrasonic measuring of steel

Duursma & Versluijs have several ultrasonic thickness gauges at their disposal, including the latest DMS 2. Duursma & Versluijs are the first and only yacht surveyors in the Netherlands using this superior instrument. In contrast to nearly all other thickness gauges, the ultrasonic waves are shown on a screen. This technique makes it possible to measure the exact thickness of the hull through layers of paint. Removing a good layer of paint (epoxy) therefore is not necessary. This is important if a ship requires an inspection that already has a good (epoxy)coating. Yacht owners do not want the paint of their vessels damaged by unnecessary grinding, and discovering later that the thickness of the hull is satisfactory.