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Engine survey

The propulsion of the ship can also be examined including everything that the propulsion plant depends on, such as electrical wiring, gauges and instruments, the operation of the engine, the entire exhaust system, fuel tanks, propeller shaft and bearings etc.

In order to evaluate the propulsion plant properly, an engine condition and performance test can be carried out. Measurements and observations will be made under full thrust on open water, or at 75% of thrust whilst moored. These observations will be monitored with our own instruments.

The compression of the engine can be measured, valves, pistons and cylinders can also be checked but this would only be recommended if there was a good reason to do so.

Sometimes it might be necessary to draw a sample of lubricating oil in order to obtain additional information about the condition and the aging process of the engine. It is important to know certain details such as the brand and type of lubricant, the number of hours the engine has run with this oil and the circumstances under which the engine has run (load, hot / cold, etc.).

A lubricating oil sample without a history can be totally misleading. For example the seller could change the lubricating oil of a completely worn out engine just before a sample is taken. Thus giving the buyer a completely false picture concerning the state of the engine.