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GRP hull / Osmosis research (inspection)

GRP hulls are internally and externally visually inspected. The hull-deck joint will be inspected. The underwater section of the ship will be tested for osmosis and de-lamination. The propeller will be checked for damage and the clearance of the propeller shaft bearing is measured. Rudder and steering gear is inspected.

Osmosis on GRP ship - DUURSMA & VERSLUIJS Marine Surveyors






 Picture: Osmosis

Measuring moisture content

We use several kinds of moisture measuring instruments that enables us to meticulously determine the degree of moisture in the laminate or (fibre) glass-reinforced plastic under various conditions. Even if the yacht has just been raised out of the water, we are able to make a fairly reliable assessment. The advantage of this is that the ship does not need to be raised days in advance probably incurring extra costs.