DUURSMA & VERSLUIJS works for private persons, banks, insurance companies and (local) government.


Gerard Duursma & Rutger Versluijs are certified graduates in marine engineering and shipbuilding with a great divers experience in ship and yacht building. They have obtained every possible qualification in their profession. With their years of nautical experience they can give you the knowledge you want to know to draw up a clear picture of what your ship is worth. If you are buying find out what you are buying beforehand and if you are considering restoring a ship or converting it into a home our report(s) will offer you reliable insight into the total cost before you begin.


I recently had a survey of a Dutch steel motor cruiser carried out by Duursma&Versluijs. It was conducted in my presence in a thoroughly professional manner and the surveyor discussed with me in some detail his findings before submitting his written report with photographs. The survey revealed several defects that I would not have noticed which were rectified by the vendor and provided me with useful guidance for further repairs that need my attention in due course.

The survey undoubtedly saved me a significant amount of money when I completed the purchase and I have no hesitation in recommending their services.